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What Exactly is Digital Marketing?2018-07-23T06:11:17-04:00

Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to a variety of online marketing services. As a digital marketing agency, we are an all-around firm providing a myriad of services. We specialize in Search Engine Optimization(SEO), paid advertisements (PPC), content marketing (Blogs), Social media marketing (Facebook ads), Remarketing Services, Reputation Managment, and other website design solutions.

Who Needs Digital Marketing Services?2018-07-23T06:10:13-04:00

As long as you are running a business of any sort, you need digital marketing services. It does not matter whether you already have a website or not. Even if you have a website, you need to get a full SEO audit for your site so that you can improve its performance. Get in touch with us so that we can advise you on the best way forward. We provide free quotes without any obligation. When we do a site audit, we give recommendations on what needs to be improved. If you do not have an already existing website, we will meet and discuss with you. After understanding your business model, target customers, and business objective, we will help establish an online presence that is very efficient.

Why should You focus on digital marketing?2018-07-23T06:09:18-04:00

It is not viable to do any business in this era without an established online reach. Statistically, 80% of people search for products & services online before deciding where to buy. Having a robust online profile will help you expand your reach as well as market your brand. Focusing on digital marketing will help you compete at a higher level than your competitors in the market. If a potential buyer comes across your website on the first page of the search engine, chances are they will purchase from you.

I have a limited budget, can you still help me?2018-07-23T06:08:34-04:00

We are flexible in dealing with our customers. Once you give us your budget, we will establish a starting point. Once we put in place the necessary Digital marketing structures, you will experience increased returns. We can then expand your plan with time.

Why having a website is important?2018-07-23T06:05:32-04:00

Although it depends mostly on the type of industry we are talking about, on average more than 80 percent of the consumers carry out some research online when deciding which company must be hired or which product should be purchased. Imagine what would happen if your targeted customers browse for things you offer, but your business website never appears in their search results. Your rival groups will benefit the most; the majority, if not all, of your potential customers, will go to them.

Does appearance matter when it comes to websites?2018-07-23T06:04:33-04:00

Yes, your website’s visual appearance surely has a prominent role to play; however, it would be wrong to assume that it’s the only thing you must focus on when creating a website. While your site’s design must deeply engross the visitors, it should also be perfectly aligned with the brand you are promoting. Additionally, besides focusing on the site’s appearance, you must also do the needful to make it functional. Statistics obtained over the years reveal that users avoid visiting and spending time on websites that offer poor user experience. Luckily, our company is represented by experienced, qualified, talented developers and designers who work as a team for ensuring that your website operates seamlessly.

Are having a mobile website and a site with responsive design same?2018-07-23T06:03:24-04:00

Yes. If your website has a responsive design, it will work smoothly on all screen sizes and devices. Users will be able to browse through the site seamlessly irrespective of the fact whether they are using a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Mobile websites, on the other hand, are built only for the mobile users. When opened on desktop devices, navigating through those websites turns out to be quite tricky. Thus, we always advise people to go for responsive designs. This allows us to remain confident that visitors will be having satisfactory experience irrespective of the kind of device they are viewing the sites on.

Will I be able to offer my suggestions?2018-07-23T06:02:40-04:00

Yes. We always hold a consultation session with our clients before starting to work on their design project officially. The primary reason of having the meeting is to know our clients and their respective businesses and to produce the best possible solution to illustrate and promote the companies (and product and/or services they offer) in question. We always encourage our customers to provide their inputs and talk about their preferences and ideas. We will consider all those suggestions and then come up with the best plan. The actual design process begins when our client approves the plan. The final design we produce is usually an ideal combination of the wishes and taste of our clients and the knowledge and expertise of our designers. Our designers make sure that the outcome resonates well with the visitors and most importantly the search engines.

Will I be able to have a look at my website when the design process is still on?2018-07-23T06:01:50-04:00

Yes. You have the right to get in touch with us at any phase of the design process to find out what has been done to date. You will be happy to know that we always want our clients to be an integral part of the journey as it helps us to ensure that the outcome is precisely what they have always wanted.

Individuals, who don’t have enough time to take a look at the design at different stages, also don’t have any reason to worry. At YOA, we never make any change to the original plan without the consent of our client. If we feel that the initial plan requires an amendment, we would get in touch with you immediately and make changes only with your approval.

Do websites designed by you feature themes?2018-07-23T06:01:01-04:00

Yes. Our designers use different themes when developing websites based on the WordPress CMS. It has been found that using themes contribute positively to the development process; themes allow better displaying of the content and make them more easily readable to search engines.

What’s the difference between websites that use themes and custom built websites?2018-07-23T06:00:22-04:00

Website themes are interchangeable; they can be used for creating almost all kinds of websites. The most significant benefit of using a theme for developing a website is that it prevents the site from getting flooded with a series of unnecessary codes. Doing so becomes almost impossible for the majority of the custom developers. Besides, modifying or editing a site that was once custom built by a different company is usually not possible. You will not face such issues if the website is formed using a theme.

What kind of website would you design for me?2018-07-23T05:59:35-04:00

Your website might have a beautiful appearance, but if it is failing to convert visitors into buyers, it is not functioning well. We always come up with sites that are both aesthetically pleasing and are capable of turning browsers into customers.

How long would you take to build my website?2018-07-23T05:58:33-04:00

You must know that it’s not possible to achieve creative excellence in a rush. Thus, it is a bit difficult for us to give you an exact deadline. Depending on your needs and preferences, we might require several weeks to a few months for completing your project. The factors that usually decide the time the project will need to be completed include the design’s complexity, the website’s size, the quantity of content, how quickly you are providing your feedback, etc. Usually, we take 30 to 50 days to complete designing a small to a midsize business website fully.

Can you redesign my existing website?2018-07-23T05:57:32-04:00

Yes. If you want your existing website to be revamped and upgraded, we can do it for you. We can also help you in finding out the kind of changes the website needs. In fact, after taking a careful look at your website, we would provide you with a list of modifications your site needs. The list is always put together keeping the latest website design trends in mind. Our designers and digital marketing experts would work together to turn your old website into a more profitable business website.

What if the list of changes provided by you fails to impress me?2018-07-23T05:56:16-04:00

If you are not happy with the proposed changes, we will make amendments based on your suggestions. We never execute any plan without our clients’ approval.

Do you offer hosting services?2018-07-23T05:55:05-04:00

Yes, we offer hosting plans. We provide hosting services for all the websites that we build. We offer different types of hosting plans ranging from $30 to $100 per month. You can choose the one depending on your preference.

Do you have plans for domain name registration?2018-07-23T05:53:57-04:00

No, we do not offer this service. You will get this facility from other domain registrars of this industry. But yes, we can provide one of the most suitable URL structure for your website. You will also get recommendations on domain registrars.

Can you help with content-writing?2018-07-23T05:51:39-04:00

Yes, we can. We have a team of content writers. They are capable enough of delivering powerful and optimized contents for your keyword. They understand the content writing and can help you to get more visitors to your website.

Is it possible to get more information about the visitors to our site?2018-07-23T05:50:38-04:00

Yes, it is. You can get information about the visitors to your website. All you need to do is to set up a Google Analytics account to track the performance of your sites and visitors. The process is easy and fast. But if you find it hard to set up an account due to lack of knowledge and time, then we would love to do it on your behalf. Also, we can help you in marketing strategy to ensure better performance of your website.

Is there any specific type of business you work with?2018-07-23T05:49:25-04:00

We mainly focus on the small and medium-sized businesses across the USA. Besides, we provide SEO services for global customers. When it comes to the type of business, we work with a wide variety of businesses regardless of niche. We have experience in competitive markets like lawyer SEO, Fortune 500 retails spaces, to as small as a local mom and pop shop. We can offer a customizable solution depending on the demand. We can say that you will have the best designs to impress your targeted audience.

Who will have the ownership of the website?2018-07-23T05:45:17-04:00

We will not have the ownership of your domain. Our partnership is to build the best website with proven designs to reach and inspire your potential clients. Once we are done with the design and development process, you will be the owner of your website. There will be no confusion. But yes, you can consider our partnership for upgrades so that we will be able to upgrade your site depending on the demand of changing market condition and clients.

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